Zip Chem - Calla 855 Alkaline Water-Based Exterior Aircraft Cleaner

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Zip Chem - Calla 855 Alkaline Water-Based Exterior Aircraft Cleaner - Gallon - MIL-C-85570, Type II| 009448

Calla- 855 is a concentrated and versatile alkaline water-based cleaner developed primarily for safe, efficient, and economical removal of carbon and exhaust deposits from aircraft surfaces. This product is also suitable for general interior and exterior aircraft cleaning. Calla- 855 can also be used to clean ground equipment. Calla- 855 will not pit, stain, or attack aluminum alloys, magnesium, copper, steel, or other metals. Calla- 855 will not injure acrylic paint or other paints used on equipment, machines, or automobiles. Additionally, this product will not damage the wiring on motors or acrylic base plastics. Calla- 855 rinses easily and leaves no residue or stain even if it is allowed to completely dry on the surface. Calla- 855 requires no special mixing equipment. It mixes easily with water with a minimum of stirring and will not separate. Mix one part of Calla- 855 with four (4) parts of water and apply by spray, mop, or foam generator. Allow a few minutes for penetration. Agitate with soft brush or mop and rinse with water.