Arrow Magnolia Aero Glaze Aircraft Drywash| 1 PT | PP-1045-1PT

Arrow Magnolia International Inc


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Arrow Magnolia Aero Glaze Aircraft Polish | 1 PT | PP-1045-1PT

AERO GLAZE is a unique formulation that cleans and polishes, leaving a surface that beads water and resists dirt for approximately 90 days. It removes exhaust soot, carbon, oxidized paint, fuel stains, etc. AERO GLAZE is safe for painted and composite surfaces, will not scratch and removes turbine soot and exhaust stains from paints. It is an excellent Plexiglas polish and can be applied with a power buffer. Originally designed as a high-grade surface restorer and protector for the international aviation market, it is now available for the private aviation market. Conforms to AMS 1650, AMSF 484-77-CSD-1, Mil-P-5425, Mil-P-8184 and Mil-P-25690.