Zed Honra - Youth "Model 1" Rash Guard

Zed Honra


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Introducing the Zed Honra "Model 1" Rash Guard. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor activities, it is an ideal piece of clothing for all your water sports and recreational activities. These rash guards were Initially designed for Brazilian Jujitsu or Grappling, but many customers have been putting them to good use for surfing, workouts, paddle sports, and more.

This stylish piece of clothing uses fabric that absorbs moisture effortlessly and is highly breathable. This allows you to stay dry and comfortable, no matter how active you choose to be. The spandex material also helps the garment fit snugly and securely to your body, allowing you to move quickly and confidently. Moreover, the fabric used in the rash guard's construction also provides UV protection, meaning you can wear it outside without worrying about sunburn.

The Zed Honra "Model 1" Rash Guard provides excellent quality, durability, and comfort for all recreational activities. Ensuring maximum protection when on or off the mats! This rash guard is the perfect option for you!