Sky-Tec Starter - Lycoming High Torque, 12Volt | 149-12HT

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High Torque Starter, 12 volt 149 Tooth HT, FAA-PMA Approved, by Skytec
HT & HT/ec (Extended Cranking) Starters - FAA-PMA Approved
Skytec Starter Fit Guide (Important Information, see Pg 2)

  •     Now with internal, self-resetting kickback protection
  •     Also available in 24V Super Duty, extended cranking (/ec models)
  •     High Efficiency Wound Field Motors
  •     Perfect for helicopter, bush plane and workhorse operations
  •     Rugged design, maximum reliability & service life
  •     Designed to spin the prop twice as fast during start
  •     Environmentally sealed case
  •     Rugged all metal gears
  •     All steel ball bearings
  •     Heavy-duty drive
The time-tested HT Models continue to be a top seller in applications such as helicopter fleet ops needing additional ruggedness, performance and reliability. It has also been improved with both the /ec SuperDuty motor system as well as tougher, beefier mount castings for maximum performance in the toughest applications. The noseless design makes it a good fit for many tight cowling applications and its performance makes it the original starter of choice for large engine applications (Lycoming 720 series-powered aircraft). The HT's performance characteristics are nearly identical to those of the High-Torque Inline listed in the chart above.The Lycoming LS, PM & HT starters feature an integrated starter solenoid for homebuilt applications not wishing to install a separate firewall solenoid. Sky-Tec HT & NL starters feature Sky-Tec's exclusive KPS® (internal Kickback Protection System) that utilizes internal self-resetting torque clutch to minimize starter and ring gear damage in the event of a premature ignition misfire event (kickback).

Specifications for 12V Starters

  •     RPM: ~140-160 RPM @11V
  •     Power: 1.5kW on 12V
  •     Current: ~185-285A @ 11V, 160 RPM Test
  •     Use: See Skytec Fit Guide
Specifications for 24V Starters
  •     RPM: ~120-280RPM @22V
  •     Power: 3.0kW on 24V
  •     Current: 24HT ~225-275A, HT/ec ~90-135A @22V
  •     Use: 24V "Workhorse" fixed wing aircraft (Twin Commanders, etc.)
Other Specs:
  •     Kickback Protection: via field-replaceable shear pin
  •     Motor: Wound Field
  •     Gear Reduction: 4.3:1
  •     Engagement: No Bendix - Electromechanical Solenoid
  •     Bearings: 2X steel ball bearing races
  •     Mount: Tough strontium-fortified 356 T6 Aluminum Alloy - gravitationally molded
  •     Weight: 8.9 lbs
  •     TBO: 2700 Hrs, (recommended, not required)