Sky-Tec Starter - Lycoming Fly Weight, LS Solenoid 24Volt

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Fly-Weight Starter, LS Solenoid 24 volt 149 Tooth, FAA-PMA Approved, by Skytec
LS/PM Starters - FAA-PMA Approved

  •     Best starter for 360-series Lycomings
  •     Very lightweight (8.25 lbs.)
  •     Zero maintenance
  •     The Original Flyweight™ is also the lightest toughweight in the business
  •     Improved strontium-fortified alloy casting
  •     The best value in Lycoming replacement starters
  •     Hi-torque, permanent magnet motors
  •     Lightweight & High Performance
  •     Save up to 10 pounds under OEM heavyweight starters
  •     Twice as fast as old, heavyweight OEM starters
  •     Faster spin = easier engine starts
  •     Especially improves hot engine start performance
  •     Price/Performance - No other starter can match the performance of Sky-Tec's Flyweight™ for the same price
  •     Built-in starter solenoid for experimental aircraft applications
The LS/PM models are the flagship of the Sky-Tec product family. They are identical to each other in composition and performance, however LS models have the solenoid located toward the left side of the aircraft and the PM models have the solenoid located toward the right side of the aircraft. Select the right model for your aircraft based on the location of accessories around your starter using the fit guide. When unsure, purchase the High-Torque Inline starter - it WILL fit!

Specifications for 12V Starters
  •     RPM: ~160-180 RPM @11V
  •     Power: 1.5kW on 12V
  •     Current: ~185-285A @ 11V, 160 RPM Test
  •     Use: Weight Conscious Value Hunters Weekend Flyers
Specifications for 24V Starters
  •     RPM: ~160-180RPM @22V
  •     Power: 1.5kW on 24V
  •     Current: 125-185A @ 22V, 160 RPM Test
  •     Use: Popular OEM replacement, Weight Conscious Flyers
Other Specs:
  •     Kickback Protection: Reinforced modified alloy casting will resist most kickbacks
  •     Motor: Permanent Magnet
  •     Gear Reduction: 4.3:1
  •     Engagment: No Bendix - Electromechanical Solenoid
  •     Bearings: Needle bearing (nose) / Brass Bushing (rear of motor)
  •     Mount: Tough, strontium-fortified 356 T6 Aluminum Alloy - gravitationally molded
  •     Weight: 8.25 lbs
  •     TBO: 2700 Hrs, (recommended, not required)