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Continental ST5 Starter, 24 Volt, FAA-PMA Approved, by Skytec
Skytec Starter Fit Guide (Important Information, see Pg 2)

ST5 series starters offer the following features:

  •     Best starter for 520 & 550 engines
  •     Powerful 2.2 kW high-torque, permanent magnet motor
  •     Faster cranking RPM - typically 10-25% faster than heavyweight starters.
  •     Light weight (9.4 lbs!)
  •     Proven gear reduction drive train tempers current draw
  •     TCM starter adapter friendly electromechanically engaged/disengaged drive system provides instantaneous release of the starter adapter wrap spring virtually eliminating starter-induced adapter wear
  •     Approved and recommended for ALL starter adapters ("classic style", "improved style", "permold", "sand cast", etc.)
  •     A simple, easy-to-install, bolt-off/bolt-on, maintenance-free starter that fits the entire "large" series Continental engines (with right-angle starter adapters) from O-300-D through TSIO-550 engines
  •     Attractively designed and affordably produced making it the first and only choice in lightweight large Teledyne Continental engine starters.

How much weight can it save?

The heavyweight OEM starters in most IO520 and TSIO550's weigh more than 16+ lbs. The ST5 weighs 9.4 lbs. for a total weight savings of approximately nearly 7 lbs.

How is the ST5 starter different?

The ST5 starter couples a high power 2.2 kW motor with an innovative solenoid-engaged (and disengaged) drive system completely disengages the powerful permanent magnet motor while the starter is unpowered eliminating possible TCM starter adapter wear while providing authoritative, high-RPM starting. Positive solenoid enabled engagement and disengagement allows the TCM starter adapter to fully unwrap under all normal operating conditions thus greatly prolonging starter adapter life.

How do I know which one to buy?

If your TCM engine has a right-angle starter adapter at the rear of the engine and a clean source of nearly located battery voltage, chances are this starter is the right one for your application.