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Continental Starter, 12 volt Long Nose, FAA-PMA Approved, by Skytec
Skytec Starter Fit Guide (Important Information, see Pg 2)

  •     FAA-PMA certified for factory key start O-200 and O-300 engines
  •     Kickback Protection System
  •     Weighs only 9.2 lbs.
  •     Mounting Depth: 6.4" (mount face to rear of starter)

Factory Key-Start Installation

If your aircraft was manufactured with factory key-start O200 or O300, order a stock C12ST2 starter from your favorite dealer, install and enjoy. Skytec even includes the gasket!

The C12ST2 starter has a small dowel boss on the nose of the starter that will insert into the needle bearing inside the rear of the engine. The only purpose for that dowel is to keep your bearing needles from falling out.

The C12ST2 features a "long nose" or more descriptively, a dowel-end protrusion designed to align with, and upon installation, insert into the needle bearing installed between the case halves on the rear of TCM factory key-start O200 and O300 engines.

Since it is not necessary to pull the needle bearing from the insert between the case halves, installation of C12ST2 is extremely simple. The fixed dowel end protrusion does not rotate but simply fills the void inside the needle bearing to prevent the needles from falling out should the needle keeper become compromised.

Electrical wiring of the C12ST2 is identical to the factory starter: a single, heavy-weight starter cable connects the output of the aircraft's existing starter solenoid/contactor with the power input terminal on the C12ST2.

How much weight can it save?

The heavyweight OEM starter and continuously running sprag clutch typically weigh about 16+ lbs. The ST2 weighs 9.2 lbs. for a total weight savings of approximately more than 7 lbs.

How is the ST2 different?

The ST2 starter eliminates both the large, heavyweight OEM starter motor as well as the continuously running sprag clutch gear assembly. Unlike the continuously running clutch, the ST2 only rotates when powered during start-up saving wear and possible tear of your O200/O300 engine. The ST2 features an innovative self-resetting kickback protection clutch designed to momentarily slip should the aircraft ignition unexpectedly fail to sufficiently retard timing during start-up cranking.

How do I know which one to buy?

If your small TCM engine was configured by the factory with a needle bearing between the two case halves intented to support TCM's continuously running sprag clutch gear, the C12ST2 starter should be the right one for your application. Consult our extensive aircraft fit guide just to be sure.