Sky-Tec Starter - 24V,10/12 Pitch, Lycoming Inline | 122NLEC

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Inline High-Torque Starter, 24V, 149 Tooth, Extended Cranking, FAA-PMA Approved, by Skytec
Skytec Starter Fit Guide (Important Information, see Pg 2)
NL & NL/ec (Extended Cranking) Starters - FAA-PMA Approved
  •     Universal fit
  •     Tough Build
  •     Very High Torque
  •     Very durable design
  •     High efficiency wound field motors
  •     Low current draw
  •     Extended Cranking Models are 24V Only
  •     Light Weight - only 9.3 lbs
  •     Replaces nearly all* original equipment starters on non-geared Lycoming engine-powered aircraft
  •     Now used by Lycoming as factory OEM on most aircraft manufacturers' engines
  •     For newer C206 or B60 aircraft, use 149-24PM
  •     NL’s are the BEST starters for 6-cylinder lycoming engines and IO-390’s
The classic High-Torque Inline starter is the recommended starter for just about any flat, non-geared Lycoming piston engine application. Order the new SuperDuty NL/ec version for 24 volt aircraft or the #1 selling NL for 12 volt aircraft. Especially easy to fit for short-wing Pipers, retractable Cessnas, helicopters, rugged operations and harsh environments or applications with minimal clearance in front of and around the starter. NL/ec starters have been independently tested to repeatedly demonstrate over seven minutes of combined cranking in a nine minute period! Shear pin protected against kickback.

The Lycoming LS, PM & HT starters feature an integrated starter solenoid for homebuilt applications not wishing to install a separate firewall solenoid. Sky-Tec HT & NL starters feature Sky-Tec's exclusive KPS® (internal Kickback Protection System) that utilizes a shear pin to minimize starter and ring gear damage in the event of a premature ignition misfire event (kickback).

Specifications for 12V Starters
  •     RPM: ~120-140 RPM @11V
  •     Power: 1.5kW on 12V
  •     Current: 125-185A @ 11V, 140 RPM Test
  •     Use: Nearly all 12v aircraft with non-geared, Lycoming Engine(s), (excl. C206 & B60 Beech Dukes)
Specifications for 24V Starters
  •     RPM: ~120 RPM @22V
  •     Power: 1.5kW
  •     Current: 85-125A @ 22V, 140 RPM Test
  •     Use: 24V "Workhorse" Aircraft such as Fleet Operators, Flight Schools & Hard-to-Start 540-...D Single "Dual Mag" Aircraft
Other Specs:
  •     Kickback Protection: via field-replaceable shear pin
  •     Motor: Wound Field
  •     Gear Reduction: 6.5:1
  •     Engagment: No Bendix - Electromechanical Solenoid
  •     Bearings: 3X steel ball bearing races
  •     Mount: Die Cast A-380 Aluminum
  •     Weight: 9.3 lbs
  •     TBO: 2700 Hrs, (recommended, not required)