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High Efficiency FAA PMA replacement for heavyweight Electrosystems/Delco or lightweight "Iskra" starters on Continental O300-D through TSIO-550 Engines.

Safe for ALL TCM starter adapters!

ST3 series starters were engineered with the following design features:  

  • TCM Starter Adapter "friendly" 
  • Incredibly low weight (only 6.5 lbs!);
  • Mild 1.4 kW motor coupled with aggressive gear reduction for high torque, moderate cranking RPM &  low current draw;
  • A patent-pending, common-sense design that eliminates the majority of "broken spring" scenarios that occur so frequently on "improved style" TCM starter adapters;
  • Nearly instantaneous release of the starter adapter wrap spring virtually eliminating starter-induced adapter wear;
  • Safe & approved for ALL starter adaptors ("classic style", "improved style", "permold", "sand cast", etc.);
  • A simple, easy-to-install, bolt-off/bolt-on, maintenance-free starter that fits the entire "large" series Continental engines (with right-angle starter adapters) from O-300-D through TSIO-550 engines;
  • Highest torque possible with minimal current draw - perfect for aging Cessna singles with tail-mounted batteries.
  • Attractively designed and affordably produced making it the first and only choice in lightweight large Teledyne Continental engine starters.

How much weight can it save?
The heavyweight OEM starters in most IO360 and O470's weigh more than 16+ lbs. The ST3 weighs 6.5 lbs. for a total weight savings of approximately more than  9 lbs.

How is the ST3 different?
The ST3 starter incorporates an innovative clutching system which enables the starter to engage the TCM starter adaptor while powered and completely disengage the powerful permanent magnet motor while the starter is unpowered.  This positive disengagement allows the TCM starter adaptor to fully unwrap under all normal operating conditions thus greatly prolonging starter adaptor life.

How do I know which one to buy?
This one is pretty easy!  If your TCM engine has a right-angle starter adaptor at the rear of the engine and a battery some distance from the starter, chances are this starter is the right one for your application.  Consult our extensive aircraft fit guide just to be sure.