Rugged Air - RA454 Black General Aviation Stereo Pilot Headset

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The RA454 headset is all about taking control while you’re in the pilot’s seat.
Dual volume controls allow you to adjust the volume in each ear dome. A toggle switch allows you to change between mono and stereo output. Lastly, an ear dome push-to-talk button makes transmitting a breeze. With all these controls at your fingertips, any private pilot has the ability to create a custom audio experience.

Sticking with the basics, the RA454 also offers clear hear 50mm performance audio speakers, an EM56 noise reflective cup microphone covered with a foam wind block mic muff, a 3.5mm music input jack and gold plated plugs.

Foam fit ear seals, stainless steel headband and deep pocket ear canals provide excellent comfort. Weighing in at only 14.9oz, the RA454 headset is easy to wear for the flight's duration.

  • Dual Volume Controls
  • Ear Dome Push-to-Talk
  • Foam Comfort Ear Seals
  • 3.5mm Input Jack for Music Devices
  • 24dB Noise Reduction Hearing Protection
  • EM56 Noise Reflective Cup Microphone with Articulating Wire Boom
  • 50mm Performance Audio Speakers with Inline Stereo or Mono Switch