Pilot USA Youth (Girl) Aviation Headset - PA-1151ACG

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Cadet Headset - Pink
You were only issued one set of ears. Why not protect your children’s hearing too? Pilot USA was the first to design an aviation headset specifically for children. The key to proper fitting for a child's headset is that it doesn't hang on their head. Proper fitting equals comfort. The Cadet headset utilizes a smaller headband and a smaller version of our SuperCushion Headpad. The full flexible microphone boom is also shorter than an adult sized headset boom. This allows for proper placement of the noise canceling microphone.

Keep them entertained (and quiet) by letting them connect to their music device of choice (CD player, iPod, MP3 players, tablet and laptop computers, etc).

As the child gets older, you can upgrade their headset’s headband to a proper size free of charge by calling Pilot USA directly at 1-888-GO-PILOT and ordering a larger headband.

This headset model has Hot Pink Ear cups for a fun and unique headset your child will love!

  • Passive NRR 24db
  • Microphone Type Noise Canceling Electret (Amplified)
  • Speaker Impedance 300 ohm
  • Cord Type 5 Foot Straight
  • Plug Type .25'' Audio Plug and .206'' Mic Plug
  • Boom Type Mini Full Flex
  • Color Pink
  • Product Weight 11.9 ounces (337 grams)
  • Shipping Weight 3.0 lbs.
  • Warranty 3 years