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Using the same lightweight and comfortable design as on its Freedom & Independence headsets, Pilot Avionics offers the PA-2170T Passive Headset.

This new Passive headset is modular in design and function. For example, the standard comm-cord (dual plugs) can easily be switched with a single plug version. Or the standard electret microphone and boom can be easly exchanged with a dynamic mic, low impedence military mic, or throat mic.

Weighing only 10.9 oz. it is the lightest muff-style headset in general aviation and is backed by a five year manufacturer's warranty. 26 dB noise reduction.

This passive non-clamping, lightweight, superior noise attenuating headset will exceed your expectations.

This model is identical in features to Pilot USA's ANR headsets with the same comfort features such as sheepskin head pad and twin layer gel silicone ear seals. The headset is also is featured with cell/satellite phone capability and has a "true stereo" jack allowing the user to listen to music from a CD player, IPOD, MP3 or external radio. This headset comes with a padded headset bag.

Passive NRR 26 dB
Five Year Warranty