Mili Std - Switch | MS24523-22

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Mili Std - Switch | MS24523-22 


  •  Thread Class:  2A
  •  Body Style:  Bushing Mount
  •  Overall Length:  1.270 Inches Maximum
  •  Bushing Length:  0.455 Inches Minimum And 0.485 Inches Maximum
  •  Body Length:  1.270 Inches Maximum
  •  Body Width:  0.635 Inches Maximum
  •  Body Height:  0.890 Inches Minimum And 0.930 Inches Maximum
  •  Actuator Style:  Round
  •  Actuator Diameter:  0.237 Inches Minimum And 0.243 Inches Maximum
  •  Actuator Height:  0.665 Inches Minimum And 0.695 Inches Maximum
  •  Actuator Position-Action Relationship:  Up Position Maintained And Down Position Maintained
  •  Maximum Voltage Rating In Volts:  115.0 Ac And 28.0 Dc
  •  End Item Identification:  Mrap Buffalo Mk2A2
  •  Inclosure Type:  Fully Inclosed
  •  Mounting Method:  Threaded Bushing
  •  Features Provided:  Actuator Seal
  •  Thread Quantity Per Inch:  32
  •  Nominal Thread Size:  0.469 Inches
  •  Nonpile-Up Contact Arrangement:  1 Pole, Double Throw, Both Positions Maintained Single Switch Unit
  •  Contact Load Current Rating At Maximum Rated Voltage:  20.000 Amperes Resistive Dc And 15.000 Amperes Inductive Dc And 5.000 Amperes Lamp Dc And 15.000 Amperes Resistive Ac And 10.000 Amperes Inductive Ac And 3.000 Amperes Lamp Ac
  •  Test Data Document:  81349-Mil-S-3950 Specification (Includes Engineering Type Bulletins, Brochures,Etc., That Reflect Specification Type Data In Specification Format; Excludes Commercial Catalogs, Industry Directories, And Similar Trade Publications, Reflecting General Typedata On Certain Environmental And Performance Requirements And Test Conditions That Are Shown As "Typical", "Average", "Nominal", Etc.).
  •  Thread Series Designator:  Uns
  •  Terminal Type And Quantity:  2 Screw