Mili Std - Aluminum 100° Flush Head Rivet, Solid, 1 lb | MS20426AD3-4

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Mili Std - Aluminum 100- Flush Head Rivet, Solid, 1 lb | MS20426AD3-4

  • Fastener Length: 0.240 Inches Minimum And 0.260 Inches Maximum
  • Head Style: Flush (Flat) Countersunk (Included Angle - Less Than 135 Deg W Or W/O Chamfer)
  • Shank Diameter: 0.093 Inches Minimum And 0.097 Inches Maximum
  • Shank Style: Straight W/Radius Chamfered Tip
  • Head Major Diameter: 0.175 Inches Minimum And 0.183 Inches Maximum
  • End Item Identification: W/S:Close In Weapon System (Ciws-Phalanx); Aircraft, (Ac-130H, Mc-130H, Ec-130E, Hc-130); Def Comm Meteorl (An/Tmq-028, An/Tcc-76, An/Tps-068, An-Tcc-77); Missile, Advanced Medium Range Air-To-Air (Amraam)/Aim120A; Support Equipment, B-1 Aircraft; Supportequipment, B-52 Aircraft; Engine, Aircraft Tf33-Pw-102 (C-135E, Ec-135H/K/P); Teammate, An/Trq-32; Radar Set, An/Pps-5B
  • Shear Strength: 26000 Single Pounds Per Square Inch
  • Countersink Angle: 100.0 Degrees Nominal
  • Criticality Code Justification: Supp
  • Special Features: Rivet Has 0.020 Inch Maximum Depth Dimple In Head, With A Maximum Diameter Of 0.030 Inches
  • Heat Treatment: T-4 Solution Heat Treated Overall
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy 2117 Overall
  • Material Document And Classification: QQ-A-430 Fed Spec Single Material Response Overall
  • Surface Treatment: Anodize Overall Or Chromate Overall
  • Surface Treatment Document And Classification: MIL-A-8625 Mil Spec 1st Treatment Response Overall Or MIL-C-5541 Mil Spec 2nd Treatment Response Overall
  • Supplementary Features: Flight Safety Critical