Microsoft Flight Simulator X for Pilots

John Wiley, Inc.

B WLY 100

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This fantastic book is real world training for serious pilots, not a game. Strap in and ride along as certified flight instructors Kevin Lane-Cummings and Jeff Van West raise the landing gear on this guide to using Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This book takes you through the pilot ratings as it is done in the real world: You start with Sport Pilot training, then Private Pilot, followed by the Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, and Air Transport Pilot.

Aspiring pilots will learn the skills of flight, how to master Flight Simulator, and how to utilize the software as a learning tool towards their pilot’s licenses. Those who already have their real-world wings will benefit from guidance on how Flight Simulator X can be used as a continuing learning tool, how to simulate real-world emergencies, and how to use it for training towards advanced certifications.

These 750 pages are packed with detailed information on using Flight Simulator X for training, including:

  •     Introduction to flight operations
  •     The fundamentals of aircraft control and flight
  •     Performance takeoffs and landings
  •     Airport operations and working with air traffic control
  •     Radio navigation with traditional avionics and glass-cockpit technology
  •     Instrument approaches, including the use of GPS and glass-cockpits
  •     Commercial flight maneuvers
  •     Emergency situations you can safely experience only in a simulator
  •     Piloting high-performance aircraft and jets
  •     Using multiplayer and shared cockpits for realistic air traffic control and training
  •     and more...