Michelin Condor 6.00x6 4 Ply Aircraft Tire, 120 Mph - 072-315-0

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With Condor aircraft tires, you'll find reliability at a cost you can afford. We keep prices down to earth with state-of-the-art technology engineered for affordability.

Designed for aircraft with a maximum ground speed of 120 miles per hour, Condor aircraft tires are available in a variety of sizes for light to medium general aviation aircraft. They feature a tread compounded from natural rubber, to provide high abrasion resistance and low heat generation.

Condor's system of Quality Control has always ensured the reliability and consistent quality of their aircraft tires. All Condor sizes have undergone thorough static and dynamic testing to earn FAA qualification. Each production tire is subject final inspection and a check for weight and balance.

Because Condor takes such measures to ensure the quality of their tires, you can purchase them with complete confidence in their performance. We proudly extend a limited warranty that guarantees each Condor tire is free from any manufacturing defects. For exceptional value and durability, choose Condor - the dependable, economical aircraft tire.

 Part Number  072-315-0
 Size  6.00x6
 Ply  4
 Speed Rating
 Old Part Number