McFarlane - Basic Flap Roller Kit | FLPKT2

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McFarlane - Basic Flap Roller Kit | FLPKT2

Flap Roller Kits for Cessna Aircraft

McFarlane offers a basic flap roller kit or an upgrade kit to address flap arm wear problems. Each flap roller kit contains enough components for one aircraft. All components are also available separately.

Basic kits include: rollers, bushings, shims, spacers (where required), and a copy of SEB95-3 (as applicable). The basic flap roller kits do not include the wear washers as required by Cessna SEB95-3 Rev.1 for the forward locations.

Upgrade kits include: rollers, bushings, shims, spacers where required, MCSK100 Flap Service Kits, wear washers, a copy of SEB95-3 Rev 1, and hardware (nuts, bolts, washers).

  • Part numbers for the upgrade kits end in "U"
  • SEB95-3 Rev 1 is not applicable to 172R,S, 182S,T, T182T, 206H, T206H, 208, 336 and 337 aircraft
  • Flap upgrade kits contain nuts, bolts and washers for several aircraft models. The installer must determine the correct nut, bolt and washer combination for each installation.

Make installation of the aft flap roller, bushing and washers easy! Go to the 970 Flap Roller Installation Tool for more information.