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High-Temperature Lubricant - up to 1359°F

Pyrolube performs in industrial furnaces and heating equipment, where high temperatures create lubrication problems. Pyrolube is ideal for high-temperature environments that create lubrication problems. Leaves a smooth, graphoid-lubricated surface. that will not drip or form abrasive particles. Pyrolube prevents metal-to-metal contact, reducing wear. In a liquid carrier. Pyrolube spreads graphite, evaporating at 600°F, leaving a smooth graphite-lubricating surface.  Used by the U.S. Military, Kiln cars, Conveyors systems, Rotary kilns, Stokers, Baking and Drying ovens, gears, chains, bearings, glides, and more...

  • Smooth Application- Does not drip or form abrasive particles
  • Temperature Stable - Lubricates to 1359° F.
  • Long Lasting- Prevents metal-to-metal contact and reduces wear.


Pyrolube Applications


Noteworthy users of Pyrolube:

  • Bakeries: Pepperidge Farms, General Foods, Brantford Ltd.
  • Glass Plants: Ford Glass Plant, Owens-Illinois, Libbey Owens
  • Steel Plants: U.S. Steel, Central Foundry Division of GMC
  • Others: Westinghouse, TVA, Continental Can, ALCOA

Industries Served:

Pyrolube Industries

Made in the U.S.A. 50-State VOC Compliant.

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