Dill Air Controls - Aircraft High Pressure Strut Valve, 3,000 PSI | 8990C

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Dill Air Controls - Aircraft High Pressure Strut Valve, 3,000 PSI | 8990C

The Dill Controls 8990C strut valve controls strut inflation and deflation. This product withstands operating pressures up to 3,000 PSIG to enhance your landing gear. The 8990C valve for sale is equipped with a 302DN core and 637 cap. This stainless steel product is durable and designed for heavy-duty use. The installation thread is ½-20.


  • Joint Army-Navy Specification: 6287-1
  • Joint Army-Navy Specification: 6287PC6287-1
  • Aeronautical Standard: AN6287-1
  • US Military: MIL-V-6164


  •  Body Material:  Steel, Corrosion Resisting
  •  Body Style:  Straight Thru
  •  Furnished Items:  Cap
  •  Media For Which Designed:  Air
  •  First End Connection Type:  Threaded External Pipe
  •  First End Style Designator:  Plain
  •  First End Thread Direction:  Right-Hand
  •  Second End Relationship With First End:  Not Identical
  •  Second End Connection Type:  Threaded External Boss
  •  Second End Style Designator:  External Seat For Gasket Seal
  •  Second End Thread Class:  3A
  •  Second End Thread Direction:  Right-Hand
  •  Seat Material:  Steel, Corrosion Resisting
  •  Flow Control Device:  Poppet
  •  Flow Control Device Material:  Any Acceptable
  •  End Connection Quantity:  2
  •  Core Environmental Protection:  Corrosion And Heat, Dry
  •  Commercial Core Length Designator:  Standard
  •  Spring Material:  Steel, Corrosion Resisting
  •  Commercial Spring Tension Rating:  High
  •  Nondefinitive Spec/Std Data:  3000 Class