David Clark - Single Ear Headset Microphone, DC 8692

David Clark


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Original David Clark Single Ear Headset Microphone, DC 8692 Part Number: 43104G-04

The DC 8692 Pro Audio ultra lightweight headset weighs just 6.3 ounces with refined comfort and technology features. Provides crisp, clear communication and excellent sound quality. Single ear design is ideal for broadcast and camera personnel. Ideal for broadcast and studio pro audio applications.

  • It comes wired with a 4-pin XLR female connector with conductors to cut off and replace connector with 5-pin XLR stereo.
  • M-2H noise-canceling microphone ensures superior transmit clarity with high output used.
  • Complete flex boom assembly rotates for precise left- or right-side microphone placement.
  • Dynamic earphone provides outstanding reception quality.
  • Outlast® technology head pad senses and absorbs excess heat builup from the top of the head to eliminate 'hot spots and provide cool comfort.
  • Leatherette ear seal with slow-recovery ‘memory’ foam, coupled with an extremely lightweight and the rest-on-ear design affords countless hours of superior comfort.
  • Lightweight yet rugged alloy suspension features a fully adjustable head pad and swivel hinge stirrups for personalized fit with minimal clamping pressure