David Clark Low Impedance Headset | H10-76

David Clark


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David Clark Low Impedance Headset | H10-76

The H10-76 is a low impedance headset. It is the standard headset of the U.S. Air Force, NATO and most airborne command centers, and it is the most popular noise-attenuating headset used with military radios. (Note: The H10-76 replaces the H-157/AIC.)

This is a very popular headset. AWAC's, under command of NATO and the United States, use the H10-76 both in the cockpit and for communication operations. It is also a popular choice for ground support operations, and it is the preferred headset of M.A.T.S. pilots.

  • The H10-76 is a FAA-TSO approved headset that offers many benefits including:
  • A design that is specifically geared for low impedance systems
  • Soft, extra-foam head pad and new undercut, comfort-gel ear seals
  • Hinged, wire boom with an amplified, dynamic microphone
  • Excellent noise attenuation with a 24 dB noise reduction rating
  • 5-foot, coiled cord that terminates in a single U-174/U plug