David Clark Helicopter Headset with 23 Db NRR | H10-13H

David Clark


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David Clark Helicopter Headset with 23 Db NRR | H10-13H

The H10-13H is a standard, mono noise-attenuating headset. It is the same headset as the H10-13.4, but it is designed for helicopter use. It comes with a 5-foot coil cord and a U-174/U plug.

  • The H10-13H is a FAA-TSO approved headset that offers many benefits including:
  • Soft, extra-foam head pad and undercut, comfort-gel ear seals
  • Flex wire microphone boom that stays precisely where you position it
  • M-7A noise-canceling, electret microphone that produces crisp, clear transmissions
  • A low-profile volume knob with detent settings
  • 5-foot, coil cord that terminates in a single U-174/U plug
  • Light design that, without the cord assembly, weighs 16.5 ounces
  • Excellent noise attenuation with a 23 dB noise reduction rating
  • A 5-year, manufacturer guarantee
  • Made in the U.S.A.