David Clark - Surrond-the-Ear Bluetooth Headset w/ Microphone, H8542

David Clark


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Original David Clark Headset Microphone Bth H8542 Part Number: 40723G-01

The Model H8542 is a 'surround-the-ear' type, Pro Audio, behind-the-head style headset with advanced comfort and technology features. Provides crisp, clear communication and excellent sound quality. Ideal for pro audio communication applications that require the use of hard hats or safety headgear.

  • 5-foot extended coil cord with 4-pin female XLR connector
  • Two 60-ohm earphone elements, wired in series
  • M-2H dynamic microphone, 150 ohms, ensures clear, crisp voice transmission
  • Adjustable nylon headband fits under hard hats and safety head gear for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Full flex boom makes for precise, 'one-touch' microphone placement
  • Black matte non-reflective hardware
  • Rugged, reliable construction without sacrificing personal comfort
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 23 dB