David Clark Ground Support Headset | H3310

David Clark


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David Clark Ground Support Headset | H3310

The H3310 is a noise-attenuating, ground support headset that will protect your hearing, and the noise-shielded microphone will ensure that you are heard even in the noisiest environments. It's everything you've come to expect from a David Clark headset.

  • M-1/DC noise-canceling, amplified dynamic microphone maximizes clarity
  • Versatile, noise-shielded microphone muff that can hang loosely or be secured with support straps
  • Momentary, push-to-talk switch is conveniently located on the microphone muff
  • Durable, rubber head pad and form-fitting ear seals
  • Corrosion-proof, chrome-plated headset/stirrup assembly that resists rust and wear
  • 30-inch, straight cord that terminates in a single PJ-051 plug; couples with Series C31-xx extension cords
  • Superior noise attenuation with a 26 dB noise reduction rating