David Clark - Aviation Headset, DC PRO | 43101G-06

David Clark


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Single Ear, Supra Aural, Passive Communication Headset The DC PRO-S passive headset incorporates outstanding comfort features in a supra-aural design. Single ear design allows pilot to clearly hear critical communications while also able to hear ambient sound such as pilot to co-pilot conversation. This lightweight, yet extremely durable communication headset is designed for low-noise jet aircraft. Volume control located on ear dome. Adjustable suspension assembly for personalized fit. Plush, leatherette head pad with breathable, vented design. Ultra-soft, dura-stitched, leatherette, supra-aural ear seal and temple pad for maximum comfort. Swivel hinge stirrups for secure, comfortable fit. M-55 electret microphone for enhanced noise cancelling. Full flex boom for precise microphone placement. 5-ft straight cord with dual plugs. Collapsible design for compact storage in David Clark branded headset bag (included). 5 Year Warranty and 30-day. money back guarantee, backed by industry leading customer service. Weight (without cord assembly) 5.5 oz. TSO-C139 Approved.