Chemseal - Integral Fuel Tank Sealant AMS-S-8802D Type 2 - 6 oz (Gray) Cartridge Kit | CS-3204 A-2

Flamemaster Chemseal


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Flamemaster - Gray AMS-S-8802D Type 2 Spec Integral Fuel Tank Sealant, 6 oz (3.5 fl oz) Cartridge Kit | CS-3204 A-2

Flamemaster sounds like some fiery superhero with fire-throwing superpowers. Actually, Flamemaster CS 3204 is extremely helpful in avoiding a leaky fuel tank, but it's hardly supernatural. Even so, CS3204 integral fuel tank sealant, with its 2-part polysulfide-based system, handily beats the competition. Once it's mixed and applied, Flamemaster transforms into a resilient, flexible rubber. It provides superior adhesion to steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium and many other materials. It's designed for any surface that's exposed to water, oils, aircraft fuels, lubricants or weathering. It also can be used on pressurized cabins. Let CS 3204 come to your rescue and save the day. It'll also save you money that you won't have to spend on maintenance and repair. Now, that's a true superhero.