Celeste Oven Cleaner - 1 Qt with Sprayer

Celeste Industries


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Celeste Oven Cleaner - 1 Qt with Sprayer

Specifically designed for the for soils found in aircraft ovens, Celeste’s New & Improved Oven Cleaner 83000 is a heavy duty cleaner specially formulated for tough grease and grime. Unlike other oven cleaners, Celeste’s 83000 does not contain any caustics, amines or solvents, making it a much safer product to use as it will not leave these residuals behind after use.

Its unique, non-solvent surfactant package safely and effectively attacks and penetrates a broad range of soils. The thickened gel formulation easily clings to vertical surfaces to maximize contact time. Oven Cleaner 83000 is a highly functional product that is non-irritating, non-aggressive and non-corrosive. Additional features & benefits include:

  •     Environmentally and user friendly
  •     Glides on easily
  •     Rinses easily
  •     No unpleasant odor
  •     Non-irritating
  •     Non-aggressive, non-corrosive