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As seen in the Dec. 2008 AOPA Pilot- Pilots, Flight Instructors, Flight & Maintenance Crews can now easily eliminate fingerprints, streaks, dust, dirt, oils, from avionics, glass cockpit screens, electronic flight bags, GPS/PDA screens, Laptop, LCD & iPhone screens, with this very hany sized, Mil-Spec super concentrated cleaner!

Spray on - Wipe off - No streaks - No film

All natural, non-flammable - No harsh chemicals or solvents, 4 Fl. Oz pump spray bottle

AERO-600 ™ has been tested for well over three years by professionals in the aviation industry with outstanding results. It's designed to have industrial strength; be powerful, yet mild and gentle to your screens. AERO-600™ has been acclaimed by all who’ve used it.

Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your screens are protected.

AERO-600™ is safe for use on Laptop& iPhone screens, LCD, Plasma & ProjectionTVs. LCD Projection & Plasma screens have a soft membrane in place of glass which can easily be degraded by harsh chemicals. AERO-600™ Cleaner protects all your LCD screens & the coatings on glass screens.

No fancy package, just a great product with a quality pump sprayer.

Non Conductive - Your screens stay cleaner longer

Specially Formulated!
Two years of formulating and testing went into the original secret formula for the motion picture and video industry, now available as AERO-600™ for the aviation industry. It is non-toxic and completely bio-degradable, manufactured to exacting standards in a small family-owned plant from the highest quality all natural plant-derived materials. AERO-600™ is water based, nonflammable, & contains no alcohol, solvents, phosphates, petroleum based, or harsh ingredients & gives off no VOCs.