Celeste Flight Fresh Disc Holder

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Celeste Flight Fresh  Disc Holder


The Flight Fresh deodorant disc is impregnated with a long lasting, active deodorant formula that provides up to thirty days of continuous, effective odor control. These discs are recommended for use in cockpits, lavatories, bathrooms, cabins, room interiors, galleys, or any closed area where air freshening is needed.

The Flight Fresh disk is tasteful and understated with mildly scented--yet powerful odor control. Its active ingredients work against the odor--they don't just mask it with powerful scents like so many automotive and household air 'fresheners'. And it's sleek compact shape is designed to be hidden away, out of sight under a seat or elsewhere.

These are great for keeping your aircraft smelling fresh and new, but don't limit yourself! They work just as well in your car, on your boat, or in your house.

  • Porous puck saturated with up to 13 grams of pure fragrance. 
  • Strong fragrance
  • Long lasting