All Kleer Aviation Windshield Cleaner

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All Kleer Aviation Windshield Cleaner, 8oz, is the go-to solution for maintaining a clean and grime-free plastic windshield on airplanes, both on the ground and in the air. Its superior "miracle finish" leaves a slick surface that repels dirt and debris for ultimate visibility.
  • Cleans -Dissolves grease, bug residue, and other substances without water or! Simplifies maintenance.
  • Polishes - Nothing sticks but the shine… and improved vision. You can see and feel the difference!
  • Repels Dust -Super-slick finish doesn't allow dirt and dust to accumulate.  It makes cleaning easier the next time!
  • Safe -No ammonia or abrasives. No water is needed.
  • Convenient - Convenient eight-ounce size with a no-leak top is perfect for carrying.
  • Helps Inhibit Fogging - A unique finish helps inhibit fogging. Creates a zone of clear visibility!