Alcor Aviation - Probe CHT, Bayonet Style, Type J | 86251

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Alcor Aviation - Probe CHT, Bayonet Style, Type J | 86251ΓÇï

Used in the following kits: 213-104-O, 213-106-O, 213-204-O, 213-206-O, 222-144-O, 222-166-O, 222-244-O, 222-266-O, 222-144-T, 222-166-T, 222-244-T, 222-266-T, 322-144-O, 322-166-O, 322-244-O, 322-266-O, 322-144-T, 322-166-T, 322-244-T, 322-266-T, 223-304-O, 223-306-O, 343-304-S, 363-306-S,323-304-O, 323-306-O, 213-101-O, 213-201-O, 222-111-O, 222-211-O, 322-111-O, 223-301-O, 323-301-O, 210-104-O, 210-106-O, 210-204-O, 210-206-O, 220-144-O, 220-166-O, 220-244-O, 220-266-O, 220-304-O, 220-306-O


  • Small element diameter provides for near instantaneous instrument response
  • Provides sufficient electrical power for Alcor unamplified instruments
  • Intended for use with Type J CHT instruments and leads
  • Most engine cylinders require use of Bayonet adaptor, part number 28202, for a secure fit
  • PMA and FAA approved for all reciprocating powered aircraft
  • Alcor probes are designed, manufactured, and supported in the U.S.A.