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FlyBoys - AT T-38 Pubs Bag | FB1038

  • Perfect Fit: Designed to precisely fit the pub's bin in the AT/T-38 cockpit.
  • Maximum FOD protection: Dual retention straps on the top of the pub's bag ensure that all contents remain securely inside the bag until the pilot is ready to remove them.
  • Pilot-Friendly Functionality: During pre-flight, fold the straps from front to back and drop them into the pub's bin after climbing the ladder. After the flight, remove the bag and move the straps back to the front. Simple and effective.

Specifically designed for the AT/T-38, with countless flight hours spent developing, testing, and optimizing the design for AT/T-38 pilots. The resulting FlyBoys AT/T-38 Pubs bag is a quantum leap ahead of the traditional government-issued rubber-canvas T-38 pubs bags.

Intensive, cooperative development and hundreds of hours of AT/T-38 flight hours resulted in a great pubs bag specifically sized for the T-38 pub's bin. I will make you throw those rubber canvas bags in the trash today.

Dimensions for this bag are 11.5" wide, 3.25" deep, 9" tall.

ATTENTION ARMY AVIATORS - this bag fits into the pub's bins on the UH-60M and possibly other variants, making it ideal for use in that environment as well.

The 1038 UPDATE! After processing squadron feedback on hundreds of flights, changes to the FB1038 Pubs Bag have been instituted. The size, functionality, and FOD prevention qualities remain the same, but the top flap has been replaced with dual retention straps. Replacing the traditional top cover for straps means full FOD protection en route to the aircraft AND a slimmer profile in the pub's bin.
Climb the ladder, fold the straps from front to back, and drop into the pub's bin. Post-flight, reach back, grab the bag put the straps to the front, and head into the debrief—simple, low profile, effective. The material we've used is more resistant to the rivets, which line the interior of the pub's case as well.

The photos you see here are accurate. The current FB1038 with the dual retention straps is also shown in BLACK.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will help out.

"I'm a WSO on the F-15E Strike Eagle, and it is the first and only bag I've found to perfectly fit in the F-15E's rear cockpit map container as well as contain all the pubs we require. I've tried the F-16 bag, but it ended up too small for the required publications I have to carry every flight, and the normal pub's bags are too wide to fit in the container without taking out half the checklists. Many thanks!" - J.