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FlyBoys - T-6 "NavMaster" SaddleBag | FB4490T6

  • Perfect Fit: Designed to precisely fit on the T-6 glare-shield, allowing student and instructor pilots to stay "heads up" while accessing necessary publications.
  • Vastly Improved Safety: The installation location for the bag means that student and instructor pilots do not need to go "heads down" to access publications.
  • Durable: The highest quality heavy-duty 600D fabric ensures years of trouble-free use in the most demanding operational environments.

The FlyBoys T-6 NavMaster SaddleBag is absolutely a must-have for all T-6 student pilots and instructor pilots. Working directly with the instructors at Sheppard AFB, the FlyBoys team designed this exclusive bag to provide the ideal product for transporting and storing flight publications while greatly enhancing flight safety. The bag is designed for precise installation on the glare shield, allowing student and instructor pilots to access publications without going "heads down" during critical phases of flight and without causing any obstruction of their view outside the cockpit. Organize and pre-position necessary publications in the low-profile side-by-side compartments. No T-6 student or instructor pilot should consider flying without the FlyBoys T-6 NavMaster SaddleBag. Order yours today and fly safer tomorrow.

T-6 Students and Instructors - Fly Boys did what no other company would or could do! Working directly with the instructors at Sheppard AFB, we designed this unique bag only found here at Fly Boys. It is a force multiplier. It makes contact, formation, nav, and instrument flying safer—no more heads down during instrument and navigation sorties. Get the pubs you need without losing position or your ability to clear your flight path.

  • Six months of development, testing, and refinement. Years of safer, more productive flying in every unit
  • This design prepositioning of relevant pubs in the side by side compartments. Stay "heads-up" during critical phases of flight.
  • The benefits are plainly obvious to students and experienced pilots alike
  • Please see our photos and the details of the features we've built into this great product

INSTALLATION TIPS: Secure the aft straps (closest to you as you sit in the seat), then secure the forward straps. This ensures that the aft portion of the bag doesn't interfere with canopy closing by interacting with the forward edge of the canopy (front cockpit) or the canopy crossbar(rear cockpit). Secure the right side straps first (as you sit in the cockpit) to put the edge of the bag as close to the Mag compass as possible. This keeps the bag properly positioned so that the AoA indexer doesn't interfere with opening the left flap.