AOA - Turbine Engine Oil Analysis Kit | 1151T

Aviation Oil Analysis


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AOA - Turbine Engine Oil Analysis Kit | 1151T 

Aviation Oil Analysis by ALS Staveley Services Fluids Analysis brings you a state-of-the-art oil analysis program designed specifically for aircraft owners. Oil analysis is an early warning system that reduces downtime, lowers maintenance costs, and helps spot trouble before it gets serious. Performing oil testing regularly provides you with the information you need about your engine's internal condition, which allows you to locate excessively worn parts and predict potential failures. AOA also offers microscopic chip evaluation and analytical ferrography to determine the metal constituents worn in your aircraft. These tests help pinpoint the type of machine wear occurring and the possible sources of that wear. If you notice chips in your screen or your filter, contact AOA for assistance.

The price of each kit includes a mailing cylinder, a pre-addressed mailing label, a sample bottle, and an information form. If your oil analysis indicates a potentially dangerous situation, we will contact you immediately. All samples are processed within 24 hours of receipt in the lab. The AOA oil analysis kit can be used for aircraft, helicopters, or oil-wetted systems (i.e., engine, main rotor, tail rotor hydraulic, etc.).

When two or more moving parts touch, there will be friction that may result in microscopic wear from metal particles that remain suspended in the oil. When a sample of this oil is processed, the amount of suspended metal is revealed in parts per million. Identification of the nature and quantity of these metals helps determine excessively worn parts and can predict failure long before the problem would otherwise appear.

Tests for ICP Metals: Silicon, Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Nickel, Chromium, Silver, Lead, Magnesium.