AOA - Comprehensive Aircraft Oil Analysis Kit

Aviation Oil Analysis


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AOA - Comprehensive Aircraft Oil Analysis Kit | AAOAP
Most aircraft owners regularly run compression checks on their engines. However, this is not enough for a thorough preventive maintenance program. An engine compression check indicates the condition of each cylinder at the time of the inspection. Compression loss in the cylinders, for all practical purposes, translates to a loss of engine power. So, in essence, the compression check tells you about wear or damage that has already taken place. An oil analysis program will give you vital information to help prevent excessive wear before it occurs and better schedule regular maintenance checks that will put you in the "fix before failure" mode.

Aviation Oil Analysis by A.L.S. Staveley Services Fluids Analysis brings you a state-of-the-art oil analysis program designed specifically for aircraft owners. Oil analysis is an early warning system that reduces downtime, lowers maintenance costs, and helps spot trouble before it gets serious. Performing oil testing regularly provides you with the information you need about your engine's internal condition, which allows you to locate excessively worn parts and predict potential failures. A.O.A. also offers microscopic chip evaluation and analytical ferrography to determine the metal constituents worn in your aircraft. These tests help pinpoint the type of machine wear occurring and the possible sources of that wear. If you notice chips in your screen or your filter, contact A.O.A. for assistance.

Tests for ICP Metals: Silicon, Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Nickel, Chromium, Silver, Lead, Tin, Magnesium, Boron, Calcium, Phosphorus and Zinc.
Viscosity, Water, PQI (Particle Quantifier Index), Microscopic Particle Examination