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World Wide Products Helicopter Headset | AX40H

  • Extra thick ventilated cushion headpad for maximum comfort.
  • Corrosion proof chrome plated steel in accordance with demanding government specifications
  • Stirrup pivot assembly gives ear cups universal fit
  • PU cord and plug configurations for specific aircraft
  • Soft foam filled polyurethane ear seals for exceptional comfort and maximum attenuation
  • Lock nut construction for customized fit. Set it once it fits you right every time.
  • Earphones (300 ohms ea.) wired in parallel for safety and reliability. Earphones compatible with 150-1000 ohm systems
  • Listen Volume Control allows you to adjust to a comfortable level
  • Universal Boom allows microphone to be placed on the left or right side of mouth.
  • Spring tension boom assembly for precise microphone placement
  • High performance Noise Canceling Microphones