David Clark - Behind the Head (BTH) Headset | H6240-51 | 40416G-14

David Clark


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Behind the Head (BTH) - No Adapter Needed
  • Connect directly to portable radio with no adapter required
  • PTT button conveniently located on headset ear dome
  • Behind-the Head, dual ear style – wear with or without hard hats or helmets
  • Undercut, Comfort-Gel ear seals for maximum comfort
  • Quality components and rugged construction
  • Durable 6-foot extended coil cord terminated with radio-specific connector
  • Part Number: 40416G-14
  • Model Number H6240-50


David Clark Company Series 6200 Radio-Direct Headsets include models for interface to all the top narrowband and legacy portable radios. H6200 Series Headsets afford clear communications, effective hearing protection for high-noise environments and have the same rugged durability you’ve come to rely on from David Clark Company.

  • David Clark rugged durability and reliability
  • Available both hardwired and with interchangeable comm cords (see page 2)
  • Certified NRR: 23dB (noise attenuation)
  • Undercut, Comfort Gel/Foam Ear Seals
  • Water Resistant Foam and Wind Screen
  • Wear with or without hard hats and helmets
  • Improved 20-20kHz earphone
  • New Stronger Over-Molded Boom Assembly
  • Radio specific connector
  • IP 68 rated PTT Button on the ear cup with rubber cover to protect from sand in fracking operations.