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Passion for Aviation

Aviation is our Passion

Since the creation of Pilots HQ, aviation has been our passion. I started in Aviation at the age of 19, when I worked for a flight school and corporate jet operation as a janitor.  

Although I did not choose the path of becoming a pilot, I have dedicated my career to supporting aircraft operation, ultimately working my way up through the business serving as the Director of Purchasing for that corporate flight department for almost 20 years. Then in late 2009, I started my own company.

Promoting Aviation

Promoting Aviation

Since we started in business, we have always been excited about finding new and exciting ways to promote aviation through our company. Pilots HQ was founded in 2009 when online shopping was starting to become popular, and the internet was a new way to expedite access to both information and supplies.

Since then, Pilots HQ dedicates thousands of dollars per year to marketing. Although we have not marketed in the most traditional ways familiar to our industry, we have always had the aspiration of setting ourselves apart from the competition with our ingenuity and creativity.

Such creativity has developed into the programs such as:

Giving Back

Giving Back to Aviation

Recently, I was having a discussion with a long-time colleague and friend, Owen Busch. We discussed our current programs and how Pilots HQ was looking to recruit more social media industry influencers when Owen presented an idea.

Owen goes on to suggest, considering the amount Pilot's HQ already invests in marketing and that an affiliate commission structure already exists, why not reward promotion and commission in the form of donations for a cause such as a pilot scholarship program? 

Well, we loved the idea, and although Pilots HQ has traditionally donated to non-profits in the form of product donations. This opportunity generates a new win/win situation for both the non-profit charities and Pilots HQ.

Promoting Education

Promoting Aviation Education

So as stated above, we have taken Owen's advice and are pursuing partnerships with aviation scholarship programs. The current participants enjoy the benefits of donations in the form of a percentage of proceeds for sales referred to us and support in providing educational material to scholarship recipients. 

Leadership Through Action

Non-Profit Marketing Flier

Why should we stop with aviation scholarship programs? The fact is that aviation charities and non-profit organizations demonstrate the integrity and value of the Aviation industry to the welfare of the general public. From transporting vital supplies during the pandemic, airlifting critical medical patients, to providing clean energy in the form of wind turbines, aviation plays a critical role in the welfare of others.

Our program can offer these charities and non-profit organizations the same donation from referred sales as the scholarship programs, marketing tools and education on how to promote sales or utilize a virtual shop.

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