Pilots HQ's Social Media Influencers Program

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Ecommerce has undoubtedly revolutionized how we buy today, from websites to online marketplaces and reviews. The process of buying products has become more transparent and competitive. However, with the growth and innovation of social media, the way consumers are making purchasing decisions is again transforming.

At Pilots HQ, we recognize this transformation and the value that social media offers consumers. With video reviews, product showcases, or DYI tutorials, Influencers are shaping and revolutionizing successful marketing strategies in all industries.

Therefore, we have decided to design a program that will incentivize social media influencers to ensure a balanced value exchange by further monetizing their audiences.

How It Works

Influencer Program How it Works
The program is simple.  Influencers can browse and shop on our site, requesting product samples of items they are interested in promoting.   Free product in exchange for promoting a product on social media is the industry norm.  However, we wanted to take this a step further. Influencers can then utilize our affiliate marketing program to earn commission on sales obtained by either clicking their links or offering a unique viewer discount code. 

The program is 100% FREE to use and designed to help influencers extend their ability to monetize from general ads inserted into their posts to commission from their influence.

Ready to Get Started?

Getting started is easy! We can break down the setup process into two phases:

1.  Using the Pilots HQ Carro app to Request products and enter you into our Influencer Database or making manual requests for samples.

2.  Signing up and configuring your affiliate account to earn commissions.

    Part 1 : Using the Pilots HQ Carro App 

    **Note: You need to have at least 5000 Instagram followers to use the Pilots HQ Carro App.

    Navigate to https://pilotshq.com/?carro.  When the site loads you will see a small icon on the right side of your screen.  

    Navigating Pilots HQ with Carro

    Next, you can shop, as usual, by adding the items you are interested in into your cart.

    When you are done and ready to complete your request.  Instead of using the normal eCommerce checkout process, click the Carro button as outlined above and follow the prompts.

     Pilots HQ Carro Steps


      Don't Have 5000 Instagram Followers?

      No need to worry; we still would love to work with you. Please continue to the next step and email any product discounts or sample requests to sales@pilotshq.com.

      Part 2 : Creating an Affiliate Account

      Signup for the affiliate marketing program can be completed at : https://pilotshq.goaffpro.com/

      How Pilots HQ Affiliate Program Works

      Top Affiliate Marketing Frequently Asked Questions:

      1. What is the Commission Paid?

      The base commission rate for our store is 3%. However, commissions can fluctuate based on products and can be as high as 8-12%. Pilots HQ will also run commission promotions from time to time that may increase the commission paid on certain items. Be sure to refer to our Marketing Partner Newsletter for more information on increased commissions and promotions.

      2.  How and when will I get paid?

      We payout our commissions via PayPal once a month. Commissions payouts are delayed for 30 days to account for any returns or cancelations. Additionally, the minimum payout is $10.00.

      3. How do you keep track of the sales that I refer?

      When you sign up for the affiliate program, you receive an affiliate ID. This ID is inserted into the URLs that you provide to your customers. When the customer clicks the link, a tracking cookie is installed. When the customer then makes a purchase, the system knows where and who referred them to the site. Referral links can be created utilizing the marketing tools in the affiliate dashboard or by including "?ref=[YOUR_AFF_ID]" at the end of any of our page URLs. Example: https://pilotshq.com/?ref=qhedh6jwtse, or https://pilotshq.com/products/nuvite-nushine-ii-grade-a-metal-polish?ref=qhedh6jwtse.

      4. I am a "word of mouth" or video content influencer that does not use links.

      Have no fear; we can create custom coupon codes that you can use for us to keep track of your sales. Contact us at sales@pilotshq.com or use the affiliate dashboard to request a personalized coupon code for your campaign. 

      5.  How long do the tracking cookies stay installed?

      Unlike the Amazon referral tokens that last only a few hours.  Our tracking cookies last for an entire day (24 hours).  If a customer clicks your link, leaves, and then returns to our site within 24 hours, you will get credit for the sale,