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Zip Chem - CallaSolve 120 Degreasing Compound - 24oz Trigger Spray | 009097

Calla®Solve 120 is a water dilutable terpene based solvent emulsion cleaner designed for heavy duty cleaning of aerospace equipment including aircraft, ground equipment and AGE engines. Calla®Solve 120 is listed as a qualified product in Mil-PRF-87937 Ty I and is authorized for use by General Aircraft per T.O. 1-1-691 and T.O. 1C-135 (K) A-3-4 for aircraft cleaning.

Calla®Solve 120 is typically diluted with water at 9 parts water to 1 part Calla®Solve 120, or 10% dilution. Higher concentrations may be used if tougher soils are encountered. The typical dilution procedure is to add the Calla®Solve 120 to an empty container and then add water until the proper concentration is achieved.

  • MIL-PRF-87937 Ty I
  • T.0. 1C-135(K)A-3-4
  • T.0. 1-1-691
  • DPM 5278-1