Zip Chem - Calla 301A Red Cleaning & Degreasing Compound, Gal| 011866

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Zip Chem - Calla 301A Red Aircraft Cleaning & Degreasing Compound, Gallon Can | 011866 

Calla 301-A is a uniquely formulated all purpose, heavy duty cleaner and degreasing compound that efficiently removes grease, oils, carbon, hydraulic fluid and dirt, as well as many soils which resist other cleaner. It is nonflammable, biodegradable, has no irritating vapors and contains no harmful concentrations of phenols, chromates or chlorinated solvents. Calla 301-A is noncorrosive and will not pit, stain or attack aluminum alloys, magnesium, copper, steel or other metals. It will not injure acrylic paint or other paints used on equipment, machines or autos when used as directed. It will not damage wiring on motors or acrylic base plastics. Calla 301-A rinses easily and leaves no residue or stain, even if allowed to completely dry on the surface.