Wamco - Subminiature Aircraft Lamp | 6832IBPEAS15GPL



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Wamco - Subminiature Aircraft Lamp |6832IBPEAS15GPL

Wamco's aircraft lamps meet theexacting specifications of today'saerospace industry. With the highest quality and unsurpassed reliability. Wamco lamps have been utilized by millitary, commercial, and private aircraft since 1968. Wamco lamps provide high light output with specific beam candle power distribution characteristics. Wamco lamps have been apprved by the FAA's PMA and are manifactured in accordance with FAA CFR21.303(h).

  • Type: Subminiature Lamp
  • Part Number:6832IBPEAS15GPL
  • Base: IBPE
  • Envelope: T1
  • Current: 60mA
  • Volts: 5V
  • Notes: GPL