The Magneto Ignition System

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This informative guide is a comprehensive resource on the Bendix and Slick magnetos used in most piston aircraft engines. It covers all important aspects of the ignition system, including the magneto coil, rotor, capacitor, points, P-lead, impulse coupling, and ignition harness. With expert insights from author John Schwaner, you'll learn about key concepts such as "E" gap and internal magneto timing versus magneto-to-engine timing. Discover how altitude, temperature, and maintenance play a role in the performance of your magneto, and find out how to choose the best model for your specific flying needs. Troubleshooting tips and detailed maintenance recommendations are also included, as well as a comprehensive listing and discussion of applicable ADs and service bulletins.

Product Specifications
ISBN: 9780989312301
Aircraft Technical Book Co.
Author: John Schwaner
Pages: 98