Sumner Labs 210 Plastic Cleaner & Polish

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Restore your abused plastics and remove surface scratches on clear & tinted plastics in and around your automobile, aircraft, recreational vehicle, home, warehouse, restaurant, grocery store, trade show, and any where plastics are used. Our products can be used to repair scratches on plastic, isinglass, lucite, lexan, plexiglass, acrylite, chrome, and painted surfaces. Our very mildly abrasive, anti-static, anti-fog, fingerprint resistant product line is water-soluble and can be wiped off with a wet sponge or cloth. It is safe to use indoor and outdoor and is not harmful to children, pets, or aquatic life. Follow up your scratch removal with the 210 Plastic Cleaner and Polish to restore optical clarity and shine, keep your plastic cleaner, and make future cleanings easier.