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The SKWOOSHG LUMBAR CRADLE uses a cutting edge SPLIT LUMBER DESIGN, TekPad- FLUIDIZED GEL and AIR-FLO3D breathable fabric to provide the best in back comfort. The Gǣgel comfort-cradleGǥ contours and cradles the back exactly as nature intended. The SKWOOSHG LUMBAR CRADLE offers the best in comfort, pressure relief and unrestricted circulation. Its unique 2 POD CRADLE DESIGN, light weight and compact size can provide relief from low back discomfort. Use the LUMBAR CRADLE in conjunction with any SKWOOSHG cushion for more support and comfort while driving, flying and traveling. SKWOOSHG products are made in the USA and are guaranteed for performance and workmanship


  • Weight: 9 oz.
  • Open dimensions: 14-+GǥW x 12-+GǥL x -+GǥH
  • Folded dimensions: 7-+GǥW x 12-+GǥL x 1-+GǥH

Benefits and features

  • COMFORTABLE G Pressure relieving gel prevents numbness and discomfort
  • CUSHIONING G Fluidized gel cradles your back creating a custom fit
  • AIR-FLO3D G Breathable fabric - natural cool and comfortable
  • PORTABLE G Lightweight, compact, folds for transport & storage
  • SLIM DESIGN G Allow for use in cars, plane, chairs and while sleeping or lying in bed
  • CONVENIENT G Includes 30" cord for attaching to seat back.
  • MADE IN USA G Guaranteed workmanship G guaranteed performance