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SKWOOSHG patented fluidized gel provides medically proven pressure relief in a lightweight comfort cushion. Built for everyday commuting comfort, the COMMUTER gel cushion is designed to relieve pressure, caused by prolonged sitting, for drivers and passengers. It helps maintain circulation, reduce lower back discomfort and adds just enough structure to any existing seating to make a positive difference in comfort. The -+Gǥ height does not interfere with factory designed seat ergonomics, seat height or pedal distance. Two independent gel packs, located under the GǣsitzGǥ bones, provide pressure relief and aid circulation. The low profile of this gel cushion facilitates leg movement and it will not interfere with driving operations. The Air-Flo3D breathable fabric top ensures a cool, comfortable ride.

It is waterproof, washable, has Air-Flo3D breathable comfort top fabric, carry-handles and folds for convenience. The unique folding design allows the COMMUTER to fit all styles of auto and truck seats. The non-skid bottom keeps it in place. There are no bulky covers, heavy hard gels, pumps or inflation levels to worry about.

SKWOOSHG is made in the USA and is guaranteed for workmanship and performance.


  • Weight: 9 oz.
  • Open dimensions: 14-+GǣW x 12-+GǥL x -+GǥH
  • Folded dimensions: 7-+GǥW x 12-+GǥL x 1-+GǥH