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The CLASSIC SADDLE (short) gel pad with AirFlo breathable mesh adds comfort without changing seat ergonomics. Perfect for Classic, Solo, and small touring seats. Its low profile won't change the distance to the foot pegs and lower controls. This specially shaped gel pad reduces pressure, has tailbone relief, and enhances the comfort for all stock and reduced reach seats. There are 2 options for securing the cushion. Installation can be as simple as lifting the front of the horn and sliding the elastic strap under the opening, or using the elastic Snap Strap (included). Made in Johnstown, NY USA.

SKWOOSH™ pads need NO MAINTENANCE – PERIOD! There is NO need for cleaners or waterproofing sprays. Remove stains with a soft sponge and detergent or just hose off. Shake and air dry. There is no cover to remove, no cover to wash and no cover to dry.