Rustlick™ ULTRACUT® Pro Cutting Oil - 5 Gallon | 84405


RL 84405

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Rustlick™ ULTRACUT® Pro - 5 Gallon | 84405

ULTRACUT® Pro is a premium water-soluble oil with maximum biostability specifically formulated for heavy-duty applications of ferrous/nonferrous metals, aluminum, brass bronze, and copper.

ULTRACUT® Pro outperformed leading competitors' products in bacteria and fungal control in an independent study. This new coolant is for the savvy customer looking for the best sump life and the highest levels of machining performance. ULTRACUT® Pro is a great choice for customers with existing bacteria or fungus problems.

  • Proven resistance to fungus and bacteria
  • Outstanding lubricity and performance; great rust protection
  • Recommended for ferrous & most nonferrous metals
  • Maximizes functional sump life
  • Increases part integrity and machining tolerances
  • Extends tool life; reduces tooling costs