Rustlick B - Short-Term Corrosion Inhibitor


RL 73011

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Rustlick B Short-Term Corrosion Inhibitor - 1 Gallon | 73011

Rustlick B is a non-flammable water-soluble corrosion inhibitor designed to prevent in-process rusting of ferrous metals. It leaves a non-oily, dry, microscopic protective film and can be used for hydrostatic testing and vibratory finishing. Biodegradable, transparent, and non-irritating, Rustlick B is not subject to bacterial decomposition or rancidity and does not require removal prior to painting, plating, or assembly.

  • Use for short-term indoor storage ; prevents flash rusting
  • No cleaning required before painting or plating
  • Can be used for sand blasting or vibratory finishing