Rod Machado - Instrument Pilot's Handbook 2.2 Ed | ROD-IFR-HBK-2.2

Rod Machado


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Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Handbook - Full Color!

How much airspace is protected on a missed approach? Who's the pilot-in-command on an instrument training flight? What's WAAS? Do you really need RAIM? What are the three different types of runways? Who's your PAPI? What is the adiabatic lapse rate, and why would an instrument pilot care? The answers to all things IFR can be found in the just-released Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Handbook. Written in the fun and accessible style that has made Machado a highly popular public speaker, the words are complemented by more than 1,400 pictures and illustrations that are virtually a book in themselves. Along the way, readers find not only all the information they need to answer questions on the FAA's instrument pilot written exam, but an in-depth explanation of why the answers are what they are